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Electrode materials for lithium-ion technology

Production complex

Production complex

This equipment is completely automated, does not use manual operations, and has work on a principle: from raw material pack - up to product pack.

Module 1 Precursors loaders
Module 2 Homogenization and grinding
Module 3 Mixture elevator
Module 4 Chemical reactors
Module 5 Semi-product elevator
Module 6 Final grinding
Module 7 Package
Module 8 Cooling system
Module 9 Gas distribution system

We have embodied this scheme in first pilot industrial complex, which company builds in their industrial unit.

Precursor's loader and dozer. The technological container with powder precursor is established in the loader of a component. After tightening of the loader, it is blown by inert gas to avoid of the air penetration in working space of equipment. Then the container unloads into dump bunker with the mechanical activator assistance. From bunker component moves into the weight dozer, which continuously submit the reagent into the snake conveyor, carrying out functions of preliminary mixing. Dozer keeps the productivity, coordinated with others and has accuracy not lower than 0.2 %. Other components move by similar way.

Module of precursor's homogenization. After dozing the components preliminary mixing in snake conveyors and come into dump bunker. This mixture goes to high productivity mills (average size of particles about 80 nanometers). This system provides high homogeneity, which is necessary for significant reduction of time and temperature of the chemical synthesis reaction.

Chemical Reactor. The reactionary unit, for maintenance of the required productivity and continuity of process, consists from three rotating reactors. While reactor #1 after loading mixture and filled by controlled gas atmosphere is warmed up, in reactor #2 there is a synthesis of a material at required temperature regime is carried out. Reactor #3 at this time there is cooling for further unloading. Maximal working temperature of reactors is 1100 C.

Final grinding. From the chemical reactor unloading section semi-product moves into the dump bunker by the conveyor. After that, it follows into the cascade of mills (average size of particles about 100 microns). The packing device put product into the plastic containers filled by inert gas. Sealed containers go to warehouse by the tape conveyor.

Control system. All processes are supervised and managed by industrial computer, working under user-friendly software, displaying completely the conditions of all components of the equipment. Control system includes also set of temperature, pressure, gas flow, powder level, and emergency gauges, which provide the complete control above process. Many of the executive mechanisms carry out this control.


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