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Electrode materials for lithium-ion technology

Technology and production

Technology and production
  The growth of electric vehicle production has created a new market niche - power batteries for these cars. The market of electrode materials for lithium-ion secondary batteries for EV application will grow the coming years, as this type of batteries has higher characteristics and will replace nickel-metal hydride accumulators in nearest future. The electrode materials we plan for manufacture are essentially differ from existing cobalt-based materials for portable electronics batteries and will be made from accessible raw materials by our own technology on the fully automated equipment.

Introduction of lithium-ion batteries on market of the electric vehicle requires large-scale production of the new generation electrode materials. Now three main technologies for fabrication of electrode materials are used:

  • Solid state;
  • Sol-gel;
  • Dry-spray.

Our analysis results to a conclusion, that solid-state process is most preferable economically. This process characterizes of absence of the liquids and ability to be organized in a regular mode. This method has a minimum level of pollutions and technological losses too. The solid-state processes are very controllable and give products with properties, which are stable in different batches. Great advantage of this technology is the minimal set of basic parameters of process. Together with similarity to laboratory methods of synthesis that allows scaling solid-state rather easily. It is important that the equipment allows easy conversion to both modified and any other product without structure alteration. Main problem of this approach is difficulty of product transportation between different technological modules.

The efforts of company R&D department are directed on development of fully automatic solid-state technology allowing to fabricate the materials with high dispersity, which comparable with sol-gel and dry-spray products one.

Eliont LLC develops and designs the large-scale technologies of the solid-state materials synthesis. These technologies focused mostly on the complex oxide electrode materials. Unified production complex in which technology is accomplish, includes such solid-state processes as:

  • Continuous weighting of the raw materials (precursors);
  • Homogenization and grinding of the precursors mixture;
  • Calcination of the mixture under controlled gas atmosphere;
  • Final grinding and package of the product.
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